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Mandy Kloppers

3 Things To Invest In That Will Make You Happy

Many of us have a terrible habit; we like to spend money. This doesn’t have to be such a bad thing if it is handled correctly, and when you think about how to do it well, it can benefit you greatly. 


The problem is, most of us don’t think about it at all. We see something that we think we want (but probably don’t need), and we buy it without taking any time to consider the implications of buying whatever it is. Instant gratification is possible because of mobile apps and online shops, and the feeling that comes with it is a good one. However, the feeling doesn’t last for long, so we chase it again by buying more. 


Wouldn’t it be better to think more carefully about the money we spend and use it more wisely? We can still feel good about what we’re buying or using the money for, but the end result might be a longer lasting one. Here are some ideas on where you can invest your money for a great result that benefits you, and potentially others too. 

Give To Charity 

How much are you about to spend on that book or film or gadget that you’ll barely look at or realise you don’t want once it arrives? Whatever the amount is, stop and pause a moment. In fact, wait for 24 hours. If you still want to buy the item, and if it’s going to enhance your life, then go ahead. However, during the next 24 hours, if you realise you don’t need it or want it, or you’d rather do something else with the money, you can do that instead. You can help some people fill up their empty fridges by sharing donations to charities.

 One thing you can do instead of buying something new is to give that same amount of money to a charity like the Syria Appeal. Find a cause that means something to you, and donate. You’ll still have spent the same amount of money so you won’t be out of pocket, but the good feeling you get will last a lot longer because you’re helping other people instead of just yourself. 


A New Wardrobe 

Although we’ve just talked about how great it is to donate money to a good cause and help others, sometimes it’s also good to buy something for yourself. However, rather than buying something you don’t need that will just go to waste, take the opportunity to invest in something that will make you feel good now and in the future. 


Clothes can do just that. When you buy a great new outfit that suits you, you’ll feel good in it. Your confidence will soar. You’ll feel happier and be more productive. So this is the kind of thing you should invest in if you want to spend money on yourself. Food will be eaten, makeup will have to be washed off, and a new style can be hard to maintain, but beautiful clothes that you can wear often and enjoy every time are good investments. 


Your Education 

Investing in your own education could be absolutely ideal, and when it comes to making you happy, it can do so in very many ways. One way is that it means you can learn more about a subject you enjoy, opening up new pieces of information, and giving you more detail. Even if you are learning just for fun, this is still a sound investment. 


Alternatively, you might decide that you want to invest in your education as the first step to getting the job of your dreams. This will always be a good idea, and as long as you have a plan in place to get you where you want to go, getting your qualifications is an excellent way to spend your money.


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


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