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3 Most Effective Ways to Prevent a UTI

Urinary tract infections, also known as UTIs, are an infection of any section of the urinary system, including the ureters, bladder, kidneys and urethra. Most often, these infections are localized to the urethra and the bladder, or the lower urinary tract.

Women are more likely to get UTIs than men, and the infection is often painful and uncomfortable. Although a simple antibiotic can often rid the body of the infection, left unchecked there can be serious damage if it spreads to the kidneys. Fortunately, there are things you can do to ward off urinary tract infections and give your body an immunity boost.

1. Stay Hydrated

One way to ensure your body has what it needs to fight off bacteria is to keep it hydrated. Water is the best source for hydration and dilutes the urine, so you urinate more often. This removes bacteria regularly from the urinary tract before it has time to take hold and start an infection.

There is also a UTI prevention drink you can drink once you have identified what triggers your UTIs. For most people, that’s exercise or intercourse, and the drink aids in warding off bacteria.

2. Avoid Certain Feminine Products

Any feminine product with a deodorant spray can also contribute to a UTI. Avoid powders, douches, tampons and pads that may irritate the urethra and lead to an infection. After using the toilet, you’ll also want to wipe front to back to avoid moving bacteria to the urethra.

3. Check Your Birth Control

Some methods of birth control can contribute to bacterial growth in the body. Some spermicide-treated or unlubricated condoms and diaphragms may make you more susceptible to UTIs.

If you find you are regularly getting infections, it’s time to change your lifestyle and identify what is causing the infections. Because UTIs can come back and some women are more prone to them than others, finding a trigger is essential to staying healthy. It is also necessary for you to consult a urologist to check your state.

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