Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

3 Lifestyle Changes That Can Give Your Mental And Physical Health A Boost

Life was not meant to be easy, but sometimes it can feel like it shouldn’t be so hard. Everyone could do with a few tried and tested life hacks to lift the pressure and make daily life more straightforward. These lifestyle changes can help make your days a little easier, and your nights more restful.


Making Meal Plans

The stresses and strains of work and the pace of daily life can mean we do not plan our meals. Too often we grab convenient food when we need it, leading to poor nutrition. Let food be your medicine and invest some time into planning and preparing your meals. Make balanced meals a part of your routine.


Lunch is one of the hardest meals to plan and prepare for. Working, socialising, and running errands make it hard to eat a sensible meal that fits in with your daily demands. Using a shake diet can give you the convenience of fast and portable food without losing any nutrition.


Shake That Weight has balanced, low-fat diet shakes that are quick to prepare and you can take them anywhere. This type of meal replacement diet can help you maintain your weight or help you to lose weight when paired with regular exercise.


Practice Mindfulness To Manage Stress

Mindfulness is a great way to manage stress and anxiety. It is a form of focused meditation that can help you clear your mind and organise your thoughts. By being attentive to our current surroundings and situation and accepting things without an emotional reaction or fighting against them.


Using this technique allows you to focus on what you can achieve at that moment and not be distracted by thoughts or pressures from events in the future or past. It helps you get things done and tick jobs off your to-do list, which is very satisfying and creates more time to concentrate on bigger issues.


Exercise The Body, Exercise The Mind

Regular exercise can be immensely beneficial to both body and mind. Jogging, hiking, cycling, or simply walking can all help us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and clear our minds. From physical strength, we can gain mental strength that allows us to solve problems with a renewed sense of confidence.


Lifting weights can lift a weight off your mind. By having an exercise routine you also create some much-needed ‘me time’ that gives you some peace and quiet while you work on your physical fitness. When you combine this with a sensible diet you can also lose weight and tone your body which often helps people to find extra confidence from within themselves.


Follow these tips and in a few days, you will begin to notice the difference within yourself. In just a week or two, you find that the stresses and strains of life are easier to deal with and you are getting more done. With a healthy mind and body, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and completing your tasks. You will also have more time to relax and reward yourself, don’t forget that part!


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash