Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

3 Hobbies Associated with Better Mental Health

Having something to do in your spare time is important for keeping yourself busy, giving yourself things to work towards, and most of all, having fun! It’s essential to stay on top of your mental health to give yourself fun things to do. If you’re not sure where to start however, don’t worry – here are three different hobbies you can try!

Video Gaming

Video games may not be the first thing you think of; however, there’s a lot of research suggesting that video games are great for mental health. There are lots of ways that they can connect with you positively – for example, games like Animal Crossing have been seen to decrease loneliness in players, as well as give them a sense of connectedness with others.

If video gaming is your thing, you don’t need much to start up. You can opt for a PC (as long as it comes with good processing and good graphics like Intel Arc Graphics at Lenovo to avoid any stress with long wait times or lag) as it comes with the most options for gaming, or a console, whether that’s an Xbox for at-home gaming sessions or a Nintendo Switch for on the go play time. The benefit of video gaming is you can game whatever way suits your lifestyle best.


If getting outside is more your thing, then gardening is a great way to boost your happiness and get yourself in the fresh air. Gardening’s biggest benefit is that it’s great for reducing stress – it gives you something to connect with that is calm, peaceful, and slower than the business of everyday life.

Its ability to reduce stress also means that it has knock-on effects for both your mental and physical health. Not only does less stress mean less anxiety and less depression, but it also reduces your blood pressure. This means you can benefit from a healthier heart as well as a healthier mind. It’s also relatively inexpensive to take part in, and you can find plenty of communal garden areas to get started if your own garden won’t do!


Crafts are a good mix of something calming and relaxing to do, but in the comfort of your own home. Crafting is great for mental health for a variety of reasons – firstly, it gives you something to progress in and gain a sense of achievement with (especially when you’re crafting something cute). This can boost your self-confidence and reduce your stress.

The other big benefit of crafting is that you can choose whatever takes your fancy. You might decide that metalwork is your thing and create some jewelry, or perhaps softer crafts like crochet are your thing. You can even mix and match, whether that’s painting your pottery or putting your knits on handmade birthday cards. You can be as creative as you want – another brilliant benefit for your mental health.

Whether you’re looking for the social benefits of video gaming, the relaxing benefits of gardening, or the confidence-boosting benefits of crafting, everyone can find a hobby that makes them happier and healthier.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash