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Mandy Kloppers

16 Textbook Masterpieces Drawn By Students 

As any student knows, sooner or later you are bound to take a class that is more boring than you ever imagined. Whether it is a general education class that is required by everyone or perhaps an elective you thought would be interesting, the time always comes when you find yourself daydreaming and possibly even drawing on the pages of your textbook. Unfortunately, if you do so, you are not only not paying attention to something that may be on your next test, but you are also devaluing your books. Thus, even though there have been numerous textbook masterpieces drawn over the years by students, here are some good reasons why it’s best to resist the temptation, even in the most boring of classes.  


No More Stacks of Books 

If there is one thing you don’t want to havinside your dorm room or apartment, it is a big stack of old textbooks that are constantly needing to be moved because they are always in the way. However, if you hang on to your books a bit too long, the campus bookstore will either give you little to nothing in a buyback, or even worse tell you they are using a new edition and have no use for the edition in your possession. Rather than let this happen to you, it is far better to work with a company that allows you to sell textbooks quickly, easily, and at a reasonable price and profit for yourself. By doing so, not only will you have quick cash in your pocket to enjoy a night out with your friends, but you’ll also rediscover those tables, chairs, and other items in your dorm room or apartment that have been long-hidden by large stacks of books. 


Getting Paid is Easy 

If you’ve ever made the trek across campus to your school’s bookstore in the hope of selling back your books, you know the result often leaves you disappointed. While you may get some cash for your books, the experience of dealing with your campus bookstore often leaves you feeling like a sucker. If you want to avoid this feeling, go instead with a company that wants to give you as much money as possible for your used books. Best of all, once you’ve sold your books, you can choose how to get paid. In most instances, there are two options: 

–Request a check be sent by mail 

–Transfer payment to your PayPal account 

While some customers still like the feel of a check in their hand, more and more opt instead for having money sent to their PayPal account. Once this is done, you can have instant access to your money, get together with your friends, and raise a toast to no longer having a bunch of old books to collect dust.  


Large Online Inventory 

With many companies that let students sell textbooks back to them, one of the biggest problems is their inventory is often quite limited. When this happens, you may have a book that can still be used in a class, yet be unable to sell it back when you want. To avoid this scenario, always use a company that has as large an online inventory of books as possible. To do so, it involves a few steps, such as: 

  1. Browse the inventory
  2. Find your books
  3. Click “Sell”
  4. Ship your books
  5. Get paid

If you think this sounds way too easy, you’ll be happy to know your concerns can be put to rest. Since the inventory is always updated daily, your search will ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information, as well as the best and most competitive prices online. Also, if you have been accumulating your books for awhile and now have a large number you want to sell, this is no problem. In fact, many customers choose to sell in bulk, which can lead to better prices and even more benefits.  


Don’t Fall for the Tricks 

If you are like most students over the years, chances are you’ve fallen for the tricks used by campus bookstores. Since they are always out to make as much money as possible, they have a way of convincing students their best option is to buy their books. However, since the vast majority of students never use their textbooks once they are finished with their classes, this makes no sense whatsoever. Instead of falling for the same old line used by campus bookstores for decades, do the smart thing and rent your books. If you do, you’ll enjoy such advantages as: 

–No more large stacks of books to keep moving 

–Variety of plans (short-term, quarterly, semester) 

–Easy buyback options 

For most students who choose to rent their books rather than buy, the savings are enormous. In fact, most students on average save in excess of 70% off the book’s cost, which adds up in a hurry.  


Take Advantage of the Savings 

Now that you know the many advantages associated with selling your textbooks to a company that is committed to working with students, stop doodling in your books and start figuring out just how much money you’ll have in your hand. Once you do, you’ll quickly put down the pen or pencil in your hand, grab your smartphone, and start the process of selling your books at a profit that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. 

 Mandy X

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash