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12 characteristics of self motivated people


Self  motivated people and their secrets

What gets a person up in the morning, raring to go and eager to get stuck in with their goals and tasks? We are motivated by different things and the key to being motivated is to find your individual ‘hooks’ that propel you forward. Money isn’t a huge motivator for me – I see it as a means to an end. What I really want and what motivates me is the freedom to make choices and have options. There are certain characteristics that self motivated people share however. If you find anyone who feels down or stressed around you, you can suggest residential treatment for teenagers to motivate themselves for a bright future. Cultivate these 12 characteristics of motivated people and you might just find that reaching your goals becomes that little bit easier…


1) Visionary thinking and purpose. Self motivated people are able to see the bigger picture easily.

2) Optimism abounds and self motivated people participate fully in life.

3) They possess  good self esteem with an attitude of success. They expect to win but can cope with failure as they see it as a learning curve.

4) There is a thirst for challenge and willingness to take risks.

5) Self motivated people are committed to life long learning – there is always more to know and understand.

6) They have endless energy – not just physical but mental and emotional energy as well.

7) Persistent and determined. They don’t give up at the first sign of trouble.

8) Strive for balance in work/play and within themselves – health wise and with their emotions and spirituality.

9) Self motivated people are able to rise above adversity – don’t sweat the small stuff.

10) They engage in searching self reflection. Possess self awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.

11) Sincere self forgiveness. Self motivators are humble and willing to admit when they are wrong.

12) Revelling in success. Self motivators give themselves credit for a job well done.

Self-motivated individuals possess unique qualities that drive them to achieve their goals. They exhibit unwavering determination, a strong sense of initiative, and an unyielding passion for success. Their ability to stay focused, set high standards, and take consistent action sets them apart. They possess resilience and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. They are self-disciplined, adaptable, and possess a growth mindset. With their innate drive and commitment, they inspire others and create a positive impact on those around them.

If you want to be more motivated it often starts with action first. If you wait for motivation before starting anything you might wait a long time. Start doing whatever it is that you need to and the motivation will follow. Get the ball rolling, create structure in your life and be as disciplined as you can.

It can be hard to find motivation but once you have set some small goals, take action to achieve those goals and persist, the motivation will come. Create small positive habits along the way and repeat, repeat, repeat.


PS – It’s perfectly normal to not feel motivated. We all have a lot to contend with in life. But there are ways to helps yourself..small baby steps get you there.

Mandy X

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