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Mandy Kloppers

11 things that will make you happier

We can all do with a dose of happiness – I’ll never say no! So here 11 things that will make you happier and give you that happiness boost…


Hug someone

Hugging someone releases oxytocin –  a feel good hormone. It’s simialr to endorphins but longer lasting. Find someone and give them a hug. It’s good to get a squeeze and feel connected.


Right now, think about what is good in your lilfe. For me – I love my son and my dog. I feel happy knowing they are on this earth and that I can be around them. The sun is out today too  – always cheers me up. Good girl friends with a great sense of humour…I have a nice home…when I focus on the good stuff insterad of wrrying about the bad stuff and what I can’t control it immediately helps me to feel happier.

Play with a pet

Pets are great for happiness and get used in many therapetic environments – old age homes, cancer wards and in schools. Animals help people to relax and sharing affection with them releases oxytocin – happy hormone.

Deep breaths

If you can, get outside and take deep breaths. When we breathe deeply it tells our brain that we are relaxed and not in danger. Our brain is constantly scanning for threat and danger. When we are stressed we breathe more shallowly…deep breathing is a good relaxation technique.

Read up

There are many examples in the world of kind people helping others or being generous. These uplifting stories benefit us to as they restore faith in this world and remind us of the kindness that exists. It is there even if we don’t always see it. Fill up on some good news.

Listen to music

Music can be a powerful mood enhancer. Put on music that makes you feel content – it could bring back happy memories or the song could have inspiring lyrics. Music is a powerful way to feel happier quickly.

Self care

Looking after ourselves is a psychological booster – moisturising your body, getting a hair cut – anything that enhances you is good for happiness. When we ‘honour’ oursleves by investing in ourselves, it makes us happier. Soak in a bubble bath or along warm shower – these are good too.

Take a nap

Getting rest can be a great way to feel well. Productive rest is what I call it.


Having a jig is great for the brain. Get up dance around the room and you will see how it invigorates you.

Put a pencil between your teeth

Research has shown that putting a pencil between your teeth moves your mouth into a ‘smiling’ position. This tricks the brain into thinking you are happy and releases endorphins – our body constantly sends messages to our brains. If we breathe deep the amygdala and hypothalamus know things are fine. If we laugh or smile, this too leads the brain to believe all is good and chemicals are released accordingly. Grab that pencil.


Laughing releases chemicals that can help us to feel happier. The more you laugh the happier you will feel.

Focus on what makes you happy and less on what frightens you. Be aware of what you spend your time focusing on – if it makes you sad try to avoid it altogether or limit your time doing that activity.

Hope you have a happy day!!! (or at least a less sad day)…


Mandy X

Photo by Charles Postiaux on Unsplash

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