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10 Ways to Recognize Emotional Manipulators

10 Ways to Recognize

Emotional manipulators often begin by being charming, but they are never really accessible.

Very early in the relationship, your every need seems to be filled.

They lie by exaggeration, distorting the truth & by omission.

You notice that you end up apologizing a lot!

The manipulator persuades you to do things you would not normally do.

You constantly have second class status & your opinion is never really good enough.

The manipulator has huge reactions that are way too big over small irritations.

Manipulators promise a lovely future that never materializes.

The manipulator is successful when they give only vague indications that something is bothering them & you jump to fix it for them.

Problems are never the manipulators fault, they never take responsibility & are always quick to blame you.


Being true to yourself means figuring out what’s important to you. Identifying your values and deciding on what you will and won’t accept in life is a vital starting point. Once you have decided what guidelines you wish to live by..go ahead and apply them…
The thing is – creative expression and living your life as you choose isn’t going to necessarily receive approval from others. If this is what you are looking for, you are not really living life according to who you are. You are living a life to please others. Go ‘inside’ and think about your identity and re-assess.
The longer your forge your own interesting path, the more approval you can give to yourself.
At first when I wrote my blog and wrote on Twitter I would assume I was doing something wrong if I didn’t receive approval from others. Now, I realise that I enjoy expressing myself irrespective of what others think…there will be those that connect with me and those that don’t but I dont allow this external influence to change who I fundamentally am…

Something to think about..

Mandy x

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