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10 Ways To Be More Confident

There is nothing worse than low confidence. Low confidence makes you doubt yourself and whether you have low confidence because of your looks, your clothes, your general air of shyness – you need to do what you can to build it up! 


You deserve to walk tall, and part of that is going to be how you feel about your yourself on the inside. The other part will be how you feel about yourself on the outside. So, whether you intend to head to the dentist and get new dental implants permanently fixed into place, or you want to get to the hairdressers and have a makeover, you need to find a way to feel more confident. Below, we’ve put together ten ways that you can have a little more confidence in your life so that you can embrace the New Year with gusto!


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Practice Visualization

They say you attract what you believe, so it’s time to believe that you can have anything that you want. Do you want to feel like you’re hitting your goals? Imagine yourself doing it. Think about how you will feel when you finally nail it. You need to practice visualizing the you that you will be once you hit your goals.

Find Strength In Affirmations

A powerful tool to instill your desires about yourself, affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself and you need to say them out loud. Some examples include:


  • Why am I so great at my job?
  • Why would I be successful?


If you structure your affirmations as questions, you’re going to find answers to those questions within yourself. It can help your brain to analyze the answers and believe them more.

Face The Fear

You should always lean into the things that scare you. If you do something that scares you, you can build up confidence that you know how to handle it. Insecurity is usually the one thing that makes you feel less than confident, so face your fears with your eyes wide open and you’ll know for sure you can step out of your comfort zone. This includes going blonde!

Argue With Your Inner Critic

If a toddler tripped over while they learned to walk, would you berate the toddler or would you help them and encourage them to keep going? Well, why do you do it to yourself? There is no more need to criticize yourself so harshly. You deserve to feel good and you need to know that you deserve it. That inner critic of yours knows how to make you feel bad, whether that’s about your teeth, your skin or your general look. Don’t let it. Question that voice. Why do you hate your teeth? Why do you need a change of hair? Challenge yourself!

Don’t Give Your Consent

There is no one out there that can make you feel bad about yourself without your consent. You need to desensitize yourself to rejection and the only way to do that is to allow yourself to be rejected a few times. Build your self-confidence by refusing to accept personal criticism in a negative way. If you have a dental appointment booked to fix that wonky tooth, then refuse anyone else telling you that your teeth are ugly. Once you refuse it, you give yourself a freedom to feel confident and happy.

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Set Up Your Wins

The best way to be confident is to set yourself up for success. There are far too many people out there who don’t feel encouraged about what they can do because their goals are too difficult. For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t look at losing the entire figure. Think about the first ten pounds and go from there. Give yourself bite-sized goals and you’ll be able to achieve them a little easier. This can set you up to win, and this is what you need to be as successful as possible.

Aim To Help Someone Else

Often, when we help someone else with their confidence we can forget about our own issues and work to build our confidence at the same time. You can volunteer to teach and assist others and really invest in the learning of someone else. This can lead you to feel good about imparting your own knowledge and nurturing others. Building your confidence will be an automatic result of helping someone else. 

Look After Yourself

You need to take care of yourself if you want your self-confidence to grow. It’s the best thing that you can do to nurture your own mental health and wellbeing and when you care for yourself, you naturally build your confidence this way. You can make an effort to look after your own needs, and when you do that, you can feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

Start Saying No To Negativity

People can really bring you down sometimes, and bullying you into silence makes you feel like  a victim. You do not have to feel like a victim. When you feel this way, you end up beaten down and low about yourself, which affects your confidence overall. Respect your own boundaries and learn more about how to be assertive to learn to say no to negativity. You need to take control over this part of your life and self-confidence will follow.

Remember You Are An Equal

No one out there can be more you than you, and wanting to be someone else? That’s just a waste of your time, your energy and your goodness that you bring to the table. You are equal to all others around you, and you deserve to feel at your best at all times. So, make a shift to feeling like an equal to everyone else and stop believing that you are lesser than anyone else out there.


This will all lead you to feeling far more confident and able to take on the world. This is exactly what you need from life!

Mandy X

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