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10 Unique Outdoor Date Ideas for Fall That Go Beyond the Pumpkin Patch

Picking pumpkins together is an autumn must-do activity, but when that’s the only date you go on all fall, you’re bound to be craving some adventure. These outdoor activities will allow you to enjoy the mild autumn weather while having fun with your special someone. No matter your budget, you can make a fun fall date work for you.

5 Free Date Ideas for the Budget-Savvy Couple


People try to save money for various reasons. Maybe you’re saving up for a house or a wedding, or perhaps you’re trying to build up your emergency fund. Whatever the case, you can still have a great time for free or at a low cost.

1. Fly Kites


If you don’t fancy spending a few dollars on a kite, consider making them yourselves. This is something fun to do with your partner in preparation for your big kite-flying adventure.


Make sure you pick a day where the weather is clear. You want a bit of a breeze, but be cautious because too much wind could knock you off your feet or carry away your kite.

2. Go Stargazing


Map out an area where you can see the stars clearly, and keep an eye on the weather. You might have to reschedule your date if it’s too cloudy to see any stars. You should also stay out of the city because the light pollution makes it difficult to observe the night sky.


You can easily prepare for this date by researching the constellations visible in your area during fall. That way, you’ll be able to impress your date by educating them while cuddling up beside them.


If any friends or family members would let you borrow a truck, you can dress up its bed to create the perfect stargazing atmosphere. You can make a comfy makeshift bed perfect for watching the stars by putting down pillows and blankets.

3. Ride a Bike


Have you explored all of your hometown yet? While you may not be able to hold hands on a bike ride, you’ll get to experience the areas of your home you’ve never been to together for the first time. If you’ve just moved somewhere new, there’s no better way to get to know the roads and your surroundings than to navigate them yourselves.


Just make sure you have bikes that are in good condition and ready to go. If you don’t own bikes, consider finding a local hiking trail and exploring nature that way. Though it may not go through your entire city, you’ll still have something fun to do together outdoors.

4. Visit a Farm


While not every fall festival is free, many farms offer complimentary walkthroughs and activities for people who want to look around. You may find a corn maze you can navigate together or make a bet to see who can find the finish first.


Plus, you may get to feed the animals. What kind of date could be sweeter than going to meet livestock and feeding them from the palm of your hand with your loved one? You and your date can explore the farm together and tackle any activities it has to offer, whether that’s climbing hay bales or riding in a horse-drawn buggy.

5. Go on a Picnic


The best part of preparing for a picnic is that the two of you can cook together. Working together to create a meal can be a form of self-care and help the two of you destress. Whether you plan to carry sandwiches in a basket or have a complete meal with multiple entrees and sides, you can be confident that spending time out in nature with the one you love most will make for a perfect evening.


Fall is the perfect time for a picnic because fewer bugs will be out and about seeking to snack on your dinner. Find a space that’s flat enough for you to spread out a blanket. Watch out for any irritating plants or insects before choosing your spot.

5 Paid Date Ideas for an Exciting Evening


If you have some extra funds to spend and don’t mind potentially splurging for a date, these fall options would be great for you and your sweetheart. Embrace all the season has to offer by finding reasons to get outside and soak up the sun.

1. Carve or Paint Pumpkins


If you want to add some decoration to your home’s exterior, consider buying a passel of pumpkins and working on them together. Though they may only last a season, you can be sure the memories will stay with you forever.


If you’re confident in your teamwork abilities, opt to carve a pumpkin that you can put a light in around Halloween. If you want something with a little less precision, consider painting gourds with fun designs or silly faces instead.

2. Find a Haunted House


Many cities have pop-up haunted houses around Halloween. You and your partner can consider going to one to test your courage and see who gets scared first. Some haunted houses may be more elaborate than others or have more jump scares. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into before you go through one.

3. Take a Fishing Charter


If you’ve never fished before but are looking for something new to try, take a boat out to test your abilities. Boat owners will often allow you to charter their vessel for an afternoon of fishing. Pay is usually decided based on how much time you spend on the water.


You don’t need to have any prior fishing experience to charter a boat. The owner and staff will likely hang around to help you if you need any assistance. The goal of this date is to have fun and make the most of your time together while trying out something brand-new or perhaps testing some fishing abilities you’ve already developed.

4. Take a Vacation


Fall is the most incredible time to take a trip to the mountains. What could be more romantic than a remote cabin in the middle of a sea of trees? You and your loved one are sure to have a blast on a weekend getaway.


To make it more budget-friendly, you can plan meals ahead of time and discover which activities you want to try. You can also take it easy and just relax in a mountain cabin all weekend, breathing in the crisp autumn air and watching the leaves change colors in real-time.

5. Go to a Drive-in Movie


Drive-in movies used to be much more popular than they are now, but some theaters still exist. There’s nothing cozier than watching a film on the big screen from the comfort of your vehicle.


Staying apart from people is essential during the pandemic. A drive-in theater could give you the same experience of watching a movie with a loved one without being around numerous strangers. By October 2019, only about 305 outdoor movie theaters remained. With their popularity during the pandemic, though, you might see more start to sprout up near you.

Make the Most of Your Time Together This Fall


If you’ve ever been apart from your loved one, you know just how crucial every minute you spend together is! You can maximize this time by going on fun and creative dates this fall. These new experiences might just make memories that will last the rest of your lives.

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash