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10 Tips For Ensuring You Have A Healthy Liver

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Every organ is important for humans, but certain organs are crucial to survival. These important organs include the liver, without which we can’t live! How does your liver contribute to your health? Well, science explains your liver performs 200+ functions simultaneously and serves as the second-largest organ you have besides your skin. It maintains your blood sugar level by adding/removing glucose when the need arises. Also, the liver controls the thickness of your blood, makes healthy vitamins, and doesn’t let your muscles tremor. So, humans must take good care of their livers to avoid health issues. Here, we’ve described some tips to ensure you have a healthy liver and maintain it well-functioning.

  1. Drink in moderation

Drinking alcohol makes your liver focus heavily on filtering your blood and removing this toxin from your body. For this reason, we suggest people drink in moderation and refrain from excessive drinking. People suffering from alcohol addiction should consider rehab options to overcome their obsession.

More than 55% of adults are avid drinkers in the state of California. This accounts for more than 10,000 deaths due to excessive drinking in the state. Additionally, 19 percent of adults in Orange County (comprising cities like Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach) report binge drinvinking, and 30 percent of drinking deaths involve alcohol overdose. So if you’re a resident in the region, look up alcohol rehab in Santa Ana for treating addiction-related problems. These rehab centers offer various therapies and help addicts recover from withdrawal symptoms effectively.

  1. Avoid smoking regularly

Similarly, people should refrain from smoking excessively since nicotine’s dangerous for their health. We suggest you quit smoking altogether or switch to e-cigarettes or nicotine patches to avoid issues like liver cancer. Moreover, smoking may enhance the harmful influence of certain drugs such as Paracetamol on your liver. So, control your smoking addiction to ensure you have a healthy liver.

  1. Drink more coffee

What should you drink if alcoholic beverages aren’t healthy? Well, coffee seems to be an ideal drink to help people avoid liver diseases. Experts believe that consuming caffeinated beverages can help you become resilient to illnesses such as liver cancer. For instance, drinking two cups of coffee daily may decrease the risk of liver cancer by 43%, as per certain studies. So, a cup of instant espresso can help you avoid liver-related problems. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

  1. Beware your tattoos

Are you interested in getting some awesome-looking tats? Just find a tattoo artist who uses clean objects to give clients tattoos and adheres to hygienic practices. Many artists don’t adhere to sterilization strategies and endanger their clients’ well-being. You may get diseases such as hepatitis from sticking these needles into your veins. So, stay cautious and always vigilant.

  1. Get a blood test

FUN FACT:- You can live with 25-30 percent of your liver inside your body for normal functioning,

Blood tests ensure your liver filters your blood properly without malfunctioning by tracking glucose and cholesterol levels. Blood testing can help doctors realize what’s wrong with the liver and how this disease can be controlled. Your medical history will also allow doctors to prescribe the necessary medication for improving your liver function. Doctors may also suggest the LFT (Liver Function Test) or other variations if your symptoms show there’s something wrong with the liver.

  1. Regulate your weight

Surveys indicate that 80-100 million Americans have fatty liver disease. Maintain your weight and overcome obesity to avoid liver-related problems. Maintain your BMI between 18 and 25, focus on regular exercise, and lower your chances of contracting this illness.

  1. Consume meds carefully

Even certain meds can make your liver malfunction! For instance, the drug “acetaminophen” damages your liver when consumed in high doses. And there are several other examples of different medications that may damage your liver if consumed carelessly. Since these meds can have different side effects based on your meals, genes, and other meds you intake. So, consult your doctor before consuming meds or if you experience any symptoms afterward.

  1. Practice safe sex

Certain liver-related diseases are also sexually transmitted, such as Hepatitis B. Hence, practice safe sex and take good care of body hygiene. That’s how you can avoid catching these diseases and damaging your liver unintentionally. Moreover, sharing personal objects such as razors/brushes can cause you to have exposure to Hepatitis. We suggest you avoid sharing needles as they’re contaminated. Toxic drugs should be avoided as well. Take care of your liver’s health by staying alert to any toxins now.

  1. Get vaccinated quick

Hepatitis is something you shouldn’t underestimate if you’re worried about ensuring your liver’s health. Unfortunately, 2.4 million Americans suffered from Hepatitis C between 2013-2016, so get vaccinated against this illness. Avoid sushi, mussels, oysters, and partially-cooked clams if you’re willing to secure your well-being. Seafood infected with Hepatitis A is contagious, so avoid it to keep your liver as healthy as possible.

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and veggies can give your liver time to recover from the damage caused by your oil-based diet. Experts recommend “eating the rainbow” or, in other words, consuming fruits/veggies of every color possible. Prefer eating bread, cereals, and whole-grain rice; refrain from stuff made of refined carbs. That’s how you can ensure you have a healthy liver today.


We’ve established that liver health ensures your overall well-being. So, you shouldn’t neglect the health of one of the most organs inside your body! How do you keep your liver functioning for a long time? We suggest you refrain from smoking/drinking excessively and imbibe coffee instead. Regulate your weight and test your blood every month. After consulting with your doctor, take your meds and eat more fruits and veggies. Get vaccinated against several types of hepatitis and practice safe sex for the same reason. If you have problems overcoming your addiction, we suggest you visit an alcohol rehab right now. They can help you defeat your addiction, and you can recover your well-being with a healthy liver working.

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