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10 Christian Couples Therapy and Counseling Blogs and Websites to Read

Christian blogs are on the move. It’s so easy to get a blog set up these days that you can basically find Christian blogs on any topic.

If you’re looking for ways to support a marriage centered on Christ, look no further. Here’s a listing of the top 10 Christian couples therapy blogs on the internet.

  1. Heaven Made Marriage

When you’re in Christian couples therapy, there are ways to continue the practices you learn without having to spend a fortune on sessions. Look into blogs like Heaven Made Marriage for tips on keeping your intimacy alive.

The blog was created by Scott Means to help Christian couples build intimacy and keep the passion burning over the long term. The advice on the blog is based on God’s design for what a marriage should be.

The blog is great because it includes thought-provoking content that’s also informative for Christians.  You’ll leave feeling more equipped to handle tough conversations with your spouse.

  1. Fierce Marriage

Nothing’s a quick fix in marriage. As the saying goes, familiarity doth breed contempt.

This means that seeing a person every day in and of itself makes it a challenge to keep God first in the marriage. Resist Satan’s temptations with the Fierce Marriage blog.

It helps couples build their strongest connection ever using bible-based teachings. You can read the comments of other readers in similar situations or simply be inspired by the stories you read on the Fierce Marriage blog.

  1. To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

One commonly overlooked conversation in young marriages today is gender roles. The bible has its own ideas about what a husband and wife should do for one another.

Are you following these teachings in your marriage? To Love, Honor, and Vacuum helps wives find their way in a confusing world.

With so much temptation to just do what you want instead of what God wants, this blog is a blessing for women of all ages. Get a daily reminder of how you can transform by making a few easy changes a day.

  1. Marriage Today

Modern marriage is a maze. Christian couples therapy is just the tip of the iceberg in finding the support you need.

Check out the Marriage Today blog for the latest tips on marriage from a Christian perspective. It helps couples navigate all the modern realities that make a Christian marriage so complicated in today’s world.

Learn how to navigate challenges that didn’t appear during biblical times. You don’t want to reinvent what the bible says, but you might need reinterpretation of how to apply it to your life in modern times.

If so, this is the blog for you.

  1. Marriage Helper

Broken marriages are a thing. Even the strongest marriages have breaking points.

A crack in the foundation doesn’t have to be the end if you have bible-based support like the Marriage Helper blog. They discuss how feelings of brokenness separate you and your spouse from God.

Once you’ve let the enemy into the sacred space of your marriage, what then? Take a walk through passages of stories that reveal God’s plan for your marriage.

  1. Married and Young

Young people have their own set of problems when it comes to navigating marriage. They’re thinking of things like smoke cbd together or other substances to get them through the day.

Does God want to allow alcohol drinking and other substances into a marriage? Read this blog to keep up with the times and allow modern ideas to permeate your marital needs.

While you’re young, you’ll be amidst strong temptations but they don’t have to put your nuptials at risk. If you and your partner are under 30 and experiencing marital stress, visit this blog to open an entire world of Christian young married couples in the same situation.

  1. Messy Marriage

Despite what we see on social media, no marriage is picture-perfect. You’ll notice there are couples that seem wonderfully happy one minute and then the next you hear a divorce announcement.

Blogs like Messy Marriage allow couples to show the real side of making a marriage work. It’s not all declarations of love and pictures taken around the world.

Most of your marriage is getting to know someone outside yourself and devoting yourself to serving them like Jesus. Visit this blog to read stories that’ll inspire you to stay together.

  1. The Generous Wife

Another wife-centered blog is The Generous Wife. It’s a blog that’s all too needed in a world that promises women more happiness if they escape the burden of marriage.

Generosity from Jesus’ point of view is about selfless service. In this blog, wives can learn more about one woman’s quest to serve her family no matter what the odds throw at her.

If you’re looking for a grounded look at better serving your family, look no further than The Generous Wife blog.

  1. Marriage of God

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. But the Marriage of God blog focuses on helping couples starting their marriage journey stay focused along the way.

Marriage is the marathon that takes pitstops along the way to maintain your endurance. The Marriage of God blog brings this endurance and more.

  1. Build Your Marriage

What do you do when Christian couples therapy still leaves your marriage in pieces on the floor? There are a variety of reasons therapy won’t work for a couple.

But God isn’t done with you yet. Consider the Build Your Marriage blog for tips and advice on taking recovery one step at a time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will rebuilding your marriage once it’s broken.

Alternative Christian Couples Therapy

There are so many temptations in the world today that Christian couples therapy is a constant need. Christian marriage blogs are a wonderful supplement to meeting with a pastor or therapist to improve the state of your relationship.

As long as you’re both faithful and committed, Jesus will help you find a way through. For more information and tips, visit our blog for updates.


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