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10 Characteristics of contentment



10 Characteristics of contentment

Have you ever wondered how it is that some people just seem happier in general? The usual worries and life woes don’t seem to affect them as much as it does others. The characteristics of contentment can be attained by all of us:

What happy people do:

They live in the moment

They focus on enjoyment instead of constantly looking at how life can be improved.

Their minds are freer of worries

They assume the world is generally good rather than evil.

They focus on the beauty of life rather than the ugliness.

They experience life rather than constantly analysing it.

They let go of things they can’t control instead of hanging on to it.

They learn from their mistakes instead of dwelling on them.

They are open minded and accepting, not judgemental and closed to new ideas.

They tend to be optimistic rather than bitter and pessimistic.

Contented people tend to possess psychological flexibility. They can view the world from many different angles and this helps them to minimise stress and anxiety. The more rigid your thinking is, the more quickly your ‘rules’ about the world will be broken, leading to anxiety. Learn to think about the world in a flexible manner and you will find you can withstand stress far more. The more adaptable you are, the more resilient you will be.

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